Jewels of Dawn


I woke all alone, curled on sheets

Tangled up in white down.

Outside a diamond sparkled on a leaf

The cut and polished dew


They say morning has broken

But it doesn’t seem broken to me

Rain-soaked weeds burst through the earth

Leaves shimmer like tassels to the wind, dancing.


It seems like night is the broken one

Heavy and dark, my eyes ache

I lay naked on white sheets

Tethered to the ticking time


At 8:39 the world turns new

Diamonds in the treetops falling down

I rise and tie my laces

Catching gold in maple leaves


I inhale rich wind

Kicking coins in dirt like tin cans

And along the road home I feel it

Jingling in my pockets.


I am wealthy in the healed morn.




  1. I love it when you travel down the road poetic. You shine there, but then you shine everywhere. I don’t think I’ve read a genre of yours I didn’t love. Peace to you in the new day.

  2. Lovely, Amanda. Thank you.

  3. A poem! A good one! I especially like the 2nd & 3rd stanzas.

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